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3x Brainwavz Earphones - Delta, S0 and B200

Brainwavz reached out to me and asked me to look at some of their products. I did not know much about them, only saw the brand name before few times while browsing. I asked them what models am I to look at, they said Delta and one other. And in the beginning I was a bit reluctant, as I get lots of emails to review new earphones, and I politely decline due to time constraints. However, one thing caught my interest, their 3D printed earphones, and I told them about it. They sent me all three, so here we are looking at three earphones from Brainwavz.

Intro, First we have the Delta, official price $27.50 Amazon price $22.50
Next we have the S0. Official price $49.50 and Amazon these are going for $44.50.
And finally we have the B200 Version 2, official price is $119.50 and in Amazon they are selling for the same price.
These prices has been checked on September 2018, please follow the link to see the most updated price as they change over time.

Time to unbox them. Delta first. From the outset, these are presented well.
Once we open the box, we have a hard case. And the case is rather good. Opening the case we have the earphones first, next we have a set of Comply memory foam ear tips, very important and I’ll talk about it in more detail in a moment. Then we have a shirt clip and then a bag full of different sized silicone ear tips. Then a users manual.
Before we move on, there is one point to note, that on the box of the Delta it says 12 months warranty. Inside it says 24 months warranty. On the website as I write this it says both 2 years warranty and 12 months warranty on the same page.
Officially I received the following explanation:
"In regards to the Delta warranty it is 12 months. Sorry the website is out of date and is currently being updated"
Brainwavz, September 2018

So, folks just to be sure we are getting 12 months warranty with Delta, and the other two is 24 months. But I hope Brainwavz will honour warranty claim past one year since it is their mistake.
Moving on.
Next lets unbox the S0. From the outside it presents itself in rather similar fashion as the Delta. The hard case it comes in is identical as well, which I do not mind at all its a good case.
Inside things are presented in a similar fashion. We have the earphones in plastic, a shirt clip, then the same comply memory foam eartips, a much larger bag of different sized ear tips and the users manual.

Finally its time to unbox the B200. Before we go into features.
Having unboxed items for over 8 years now, I can tell what we have in front of us is in the premium territory. Once we slide out the sleeve the first thing the box says is 24 months warranty. And on the side it says BrainWavz. The we open the box, the inside is printed with various graphics and everything presents so nicely. There was an extra set of cables included outside the hard case.
The hard case is the same one we have seen in the other two. Below the hard case there are two cleaning wipes.
Inside the case we have the shirt clip, a set of comply memory foam ear tips, this time its red. Then there is the bag of additional silicon eartips. A user guide and finally the earphones themselves.

And now the physical features.
Starting from the jack, all three are gold plated with some differences in the shape of the overall body of the jack. Moving up, there are two cables for B200 and are these woven styled cable, which does have a premium feel to it.

There is a slider for better cable management as well. They provide one with remote and other without, there was no discernible difference in sound between the two cables. The remote itself has a nice finishing with very clicky tactile feedback.
Next in S0, we have matt finished black ribbon styled cabled. This kind of cable has gained in popularity in recent years as it makes them more tangle resistant, thus travel and storage friendly.
The remote has the three buttons as usual, but these are hands down the best buttons in any inline remote I have ever come across. The buttons are well pronounced, so just by feeling the remote you immediately know which button is what. Then there is the click, you press the button and it has the most satisfying tactile feedback ever. You my good sir have pressed a button.
Finally we have the Delta. Standard earphone cables, with regular rubber insulation.
There is a slider here as well. The remote in Delta has single button with which we can do play pause, next track and call control, no volume adjustments. Contrary to the manual, which shows 3 buttons.
As far as delta’s cable goes its business as usual.

Now the earbuds themselves. I’ll start with Delta. I never expected to see an all metal earphone for 20 something dollars. Saying all metal is not the end of story. This here is a brilliantly finished object, there is no production fault to speak of.
The S0 is a similar story, an all metal construction. Shaped more like a bullet and finishing without any compromise.
Next up the B200. This is in a league of its own. Brainwavz uses a particular 3D printing technology that makes the shell out of resin. The jelly bean shape has been designed favouring ergonomics. This will appeal to select group of people, and certainly this is not a mass market product like the other two in this video. But it has its place.

Before I move into the sound quality. Let me cover the fit and ergonomics as that is very important. Brainwavz ships spare silicon tips with each one of these earphones. While delta has three different sized ear tips included, the S0 includes 7 sets of silicon eartips and they are colour coded. You can try different ones till the fit is just right.
The B200 has 6 sets of silicone eartips included as well though not colour coded. And finally the comply memory foam ear tips that is included with each one. That changes everything. You see, the memory foam conforms to your ear shape. It takes about 30 seconds to expand out and forms perfect seal and perfect fit. Doesn't matter what shape your ears are, it will shape accordingly. As a result, this setup is the most comfortable in canal earphone. While testing I had these on hours at a time, with zero fatigue.
The cables connects to the earphones using MMCX connectors, which means that it is easier to get a replacement cable of your choice for these earphones, so points for modularity.

Now on to the business of sound.
Lets start with the B200. Right off the bat. My immediate reaction was that, this really does not have as much low end bass as the other two. But that is for a reason, all the bass notes pretty much become audible individually. Its really sensitive, reminded me of the M50. If you are a musician and want to listen into one instrument of the band in all its detail, this earphone will let you do that. As sensitive this earphone is, its sound signature is somewhat an acquired taste. This is a dual driver earphone, and that is apparent. It brings forth so much detail that single driver earphones rarely can. A good sound card or amp really does justice to the B200. If it was not for the really low end bass, the B200 would have been the holy grail of earphone perfection.
Moving on to the S0. In ear monitor is a term loosely thrown around, but as far as responsive sound goes the S0 provides that rather well. The really low rumbling bass has nice presence, and moving across the spectrum to the highs they are well defined as well. I would say that there is colouration, but that is not a bad thing in this case, we want the sound to be enjoyable, which it most certainly is. And let us not forget that we have the memory foam ear tips. I’ll pick these up any day to watch a movie or while commuting, no issues. $45 odd dollars for this, yep, a perfectly decent proposition.
Delta’s turn. Well, so far we have already seen that this earphone has been given as many things Brainwavz could to make this a successful product. Last item we need good is the sound, well is it? You bet, ignore the price tag for now. It has lows that is as good as that of S0, mids are good enough for any genre, including classical and heavy metal. Treble is nice and clear, with only the last part of the spectrum the upper highs does not have high enough level. The S0 has better balanced treble. But for a sub $25 earphone, this is without a doubt incredibly impressive. You want comparison, well, how about Sol Republic Jax that we reviewed earlier. Well, I do not have to go into any detail, hands down by a country mile Delta crushes Jax. There is no contest here.
So in conclusion, the B200 is a very unique set of earphones. It is great value for those who are looking for something that sensitive. It is going to appeal to a select few. If powered by a good source, it will deliver.
The S0 is a good all rounder. With a comprehensive set of inclusions and features, and most importantly a pleasant sound signature from low to high. In ear monitor or not, it is a very well built, good sounding set of earphones sold at a fair price.
The delta, now this is something special. Think about it, the Comply ear tips sells in Amazon for $15. Brainwavz is including the same hard case that they are shipping with their top shelf product and they include silicone ear tips, they spent properly. I asked Brainwavz if Delta is being sold below cost, they refused to comment on this understandably, but it makes sense. Sell a $45 dollar earphone for $22, and reviewers like us will love it. Word goes around and it's a great form of advertisement. Everyone wins. At this price point it surpasses expectations and is possibly the best value overall package under $30. If there is any better you can let me know.

This article was adapted from the video review of the Delta, S0 and B200 - Enjoy:


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