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SJCAM M20 Action Camera

Brief introduction. SJCAM is a growing name for an action cam manufacturer. The M20 is at the moment one of their latest iteration (as at October 2016). The feature list includes the usual candidates that we expect a camera of this category to offer. Starting from the packaging, what we have is the usual SJCAM styled branding and packaging. And also as with every SJCAM camera that I have come across, the box contains a concealed security code to verify the authenticity of the product. An important detail given that there are knock offs out there and you want your purchase to be safe. Lets take a closer look at the camera. The layout of the buttons are identical to that of the M10+ that we reviewed earlier . Power and action on top and are also exactly the same size. I personally do not like this because some times I mount the camera upside down where the left and right gets confusing. Not a deal breaker but rather a personal annoyance. The other shape as in the 5000x or 5000+