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LG 29UM67 Ultra Widescreen Monitor Review

So first of all as we can see the monitor comes in this nicely printed box, will present well in retail stores. The packaging inside is fairly basic with styrofoam packaging, so if ordering online make sure to check for any damage once the parcel arrives. Out of the box some assembly is required. The stand is non adjustable, fixed at one height and does not tilt. It's all finished in piano black. Now there is something that needs mentioning. LG has been providing some images for retailers to use for advertisement. You see the stand has a transparent section. Which makes the monitor look more attractive. Leaves a fine print that actual product may vary. Shame Shame. Physical properties, there is a HDMI input, a DVI input then display port and another HDMI port. Followed by Audio IO and power in. There is also a Kensington port for security. At the bottom of the monitor there is a 4 direction button. This is the best invention since sliced bread. Its like a marria

Logitech MX Master and MX Anywhere: Review

These two mice are some of the flagship mice by Logitech. And logitech appears to be aiming at a new design language as far as aesthetics are concerned in order to move the company image forward. Unboxing the two we have very similar inclusions. A manual, a USB to micro USB cable for charging, the one included with the MX Master is longer for some reason and a unifying receiver. Let's look at the physical attributes of the two starting with the Anywhere2 . At the top we have the usual left and right click buttons, and a scroller which we will talk about soon and a middle button behind it. On the side we have this geometric pattern that gives the mouse a unique look. There are two arrow buttons as well on the side. At the bottom we have a on and off switch a connect button the sensors and a device selector, more about that in a moment. With the MX Master the top buttons are very similar to that of Anywhere2 , the scroller looks similar but has some difference. On the

Earphone Battle - Apple vs Pixel vs Sony vs Samsung vs LG - Which is the best?

In this article we have a battle of the earphones that comes with our mobile. We pin five of the heavy weights of the industry against each other, lets we who surfaces victorious. (This article reflects information and items present up to January 2017) A bit of background. Almost every flagship phone these days brings with them earphones. Traditionally they mostly used to be mediocre. So we often left them in the box in favor of something better or others were just not bothered about earphone’s quality so long as they worked. It is difficult to deduce the percentage of unused earphones, but we have some figures. Approximate sales of smartphones for the year 2015 was 1.4 billion units and on average an earphone weighs about 13 grams. Give or take a little all these earphones would weigh about 18,200 tonnes. To put that in perspective thats like 40 Airbus A380s. Why this is a big deal is that, a massive percentage of all these earphones will never get used and wi

SJCAM SJ7 Review

SJ7 Star, the camera that takes SJCAM to the 4k territory. Along with the high resolution, the camera offers the regular array of features that is characteristic of SJCAM cameras. So Lets begin with the packaging. From the surface the packaging has the familiar color theme with the concealed security check sticker. This helps the purchaser to check the received item for authenticity. In the box we have a whole range of accessories and SJCAM provides more online if you need it. The accessories themselves are of decent quality as well. The camera comes in the waterproof housing and the waterproof housing comes with two different kinds of back cover, one for deep diving and the other for touch screen operation at shallow depth. Moving on to the camera itself. There is much to be said about the construction of the SJ7. In the previous review I said that the SJ6 was built well, this takes it to another level. To say that the body shell is constructed