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Winners of March Giveaway and April Giveaways

Giveaway #2 In this page we are announcing the winner of March Giveaways, and will also tell you about the new giveaways for the month of April . Lets start with what we have for the April giveaway: First Item we have is a Sol Republic JAX. Review of these earphones are in the works, stay tuned for that. Next we have three units of Samsung IG935, The review for these earphones have been uploaded recently. I recommend you check those out. Third item is Sony MDR-AS210AP sports earphones. Final item is a Lenovo Fitness Band - Model HX03W This last item is provided by GearBest . And will be shipped by them. We are doing this giveaway in the same manner as before. Simply Subscribe and leave a comment about which item is to your liking. Or you can tell us a joke in the comments. The winners of this giveaway will be announced mid April. Terms of this giveaway is listed below, please do have a look. And now With great pleasure let me announce the winners of the March giveaw

Sony MDR-XB250 Extra Bass Headphone Review

Let us begin this review from the price point, Sony is targeting the ultra budget market with the XB250. In Australia we can pick one of these up retail at about 40 Australian dollars. Online of course this can be purchased for less. Packaging is as simple as can be, no box here, and the contents included is just the headphone and nothing else. First impression is that, its all plastic construction, as is to be expected. Some of the components are made to look like aluminum, but are not. Sony has borrowed styling from some of their upper level models, and named it starting with MDR as well. However, here is a serious balancing act going between cost and material. The headphone is rather lightweight, which is why the headband does not need too much of clamping force. On that note, while the cushion is not deep, the lower clamping force in a manner balances out. I wore it for a few hour at stretch, it was not unpleasant. The headband is also adjustable so fitting these should no