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Winners of April

Its time to announce the winners of the April giveaway. Before we begin, a quick note. Next giveaway will be published at the beginning of the month. So watch out for that.
Now without further ado, let announce the winners:
Lets start with the first three Samsung earphones, recently I did a review of these earphones hope you have seen and liked that video.
The winners are: Rob CTRC Neeraj Sahu Ladybug Adventures
The next item is the Sony MDR-AS210AP, the review of this earphones is being made as we speak. The winner of this earphone is Funny Mad Scientist
Sol Republic Jax goes to: Male Guy
And finally the winner of the Lenovo Fitness Band is KitoKids.
Congratulations to all the winners.
Thanks again to everyone for participating. The next giveaway will start soon and I will upload a different video to announce that.
As always, there are more great videos and articles in the works. Hope to see you in the next one, bye for now.


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